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Job Interview Tips

Article Download IconInterview Techniques - So You've Got Your Foot in the Door
Your job interview should not be taken lightly. This is your chance to prove yourself!

Your resume is tailored, you've done your research, your portfolio is prepped, and now you have a job interview! Finally, you successfully accomplished one of the hardest things to do with any job search. You have attracted the interest of a potential employer. It is now your job to verify the accuracy of the man or woman stated in that perfect cover letter / resume sitting atop their desk.

We have put together a list of some great interview tips to help you secure the job you're about to interview for (and hopefully get hired).

Learn interview techniques: preparing for an interview, the importance of being yourself, and following up.

Now that you have succeeded in getting your foot is in the door, make sure you are ready for your job interview by reading all our tips for interview.

Job Interview Tips & Advice
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