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Motivating and Inspirational Quotes

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Here you will find knowledge, information, and wisdom from some of the greatest minds of buseinss.

A collective commonality that unites us all is our need for encouragement.  Life, work and even relaxation are all appreciated a bit more when we are inspired.  This need is especially important and most influential when we are out of a job or unemployed. 

"There is always a boom in brains, cultivate that crop, for if you grow any amount of that commodity, here is your best market and you cannot overstock it, and the more brains you have to sell, the higher price you can exact."

- Andrew Carnegie

Below you will find a list inspirational quotes about business from many different influential people including J. Ogden Armour, Henry David Thoreau, Lee Iacocca, Willard F. Rockwell, Jr., B. C. Forbes, and more!

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John F. Welch, Jr.

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"You've got to be hard to be soft.  You have to demonstrate the ability to make the hard, tough decisions - closing plants, divesting, delayering - if you want to have any credibility when you try to promote soft values."

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Great video on the suprising truth about what motivates us"

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