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Yep, its the dreaded 404 error...

Fat man holding beer sitting on couchYou might be asking yourself, “How could such a thing happen to me?

Well there is no need to worry.  This sort of thing happens to the best of us. Well maybe not the best of us but, at least a few... actually you are the only person this has ever happened to.  Well... that's unless you are in a room filled with people looking over your shoulder.  Then this is currently happening to all of those people as well...

My name is Mr. 404.  As you may have noticed the page you were looking for either doesn't exist (you may have simply mistyped the web address), it has moved to a new location or has since been deleted. 

Regardless of where the page has gone... since you are still here reading this and staring at my picture it makes me think you might need to get back on the job hunt.  Even though I'm probably one of the strongest, most successful and popular people on the internet, unfortunately I'm unable to help you find a job. You should probably keep searching our career resources on http://www.aperfectcoverletter.com.

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